Friday: Art Show at Roboto with  music from GANGWISH and GOTOBEDS 

Saturday: Show at Gooski's, Frizz, Ceiling Stares and the Crazy Scorpion Group

Shit Happens

Hi, It's been an interesting couple of weeks. Just started some new drawings for a show I will be in this weekend at the robot project when....

My Roof collapsed on my head !
Hooray ! 

What are you going to do though, right ? I moved my desk up to my sub zero attic and finished up the drawings. These in progress pages will eventually be apart of the next issue of Weird Fruit.

Also excited to start working on a new COSMIC project with a great writer which will involve , space dogs, bounty hunters, drugs, a fu manchu , mold and other good things!

New Flyer

Flyer for the Kim Phuc record release show at The Shop

Never Boring....

Ok so I have had no time to draw whatsoever, but today I finally got to sit down and draw for an hour or so. Sketched some quick layouts for future "Never Boring Comics" like the one below.

Also you can now pick up a copy of the first issue of Weird Fruit at:

ATOMIC BOOKS in Baltimore
and online at WOW COOL

in addition to the previously mentioned stores

Why haven't I been drawing you ask ? Well my house has been falling apart around me , and I was practicing CCR songs for a halloween cover show last weekend . Good times were had by all

Oh Hey, A Blog Post....Cool

So my first issue is all done and printed, I went to APE, and then to PIX, and I've started sending the books out to stores all around this fine nation (and Canada too if I can find a legal means of distribution) ... now what to do with myself ? 

Well for starters I've been helping out Frank Santoro with his new comics correspondence course.. scanning some documents and helping with web stuff... the course looks fun, you should sign up for it!

I'm also going to start updating this blog once a week with comics and drawings.... hopefully this won't be doomed to failure like so many other projects before it. And then I'm going to get right back to it and try to get a second issue of Weird Fruit out ASAP! If you read and liked the first one please send me threatening emails to keep me motivated. Example email: "Dear Bill, If you do not put out a second issue of weird fruit, I will gut you like the fucking pig you are" .... or something like that.

If you would like to get a copy of issue #1 and you don't want to order it through me try one of these fine stores...If they aren't there yet, they should be soon....

Copacetic Comics- Pittsburgh
Desert Island- Brooklyn
Needles and Pens- San Francisco
and soon...
Ada Books- Providence
Kilgore Books-Denver 

oh and here is a picture of me looking all weird at the unicorn mountain table at PIX

Spend Some Money

I'm not sure if anyone else actually reads this thing, but if you do, I hope you like to spend money....

I just got back issue number one from the printers, and boy would I like to sell it to you !

$3+ $2 for shipping = $5 worth of comic fun in the mail! I'll also be at APE in San Francisco this weekend selling my wares and then at PIX in Pittsburgh the following week. I hope to have some issues in stores in both cities soon. Save $2 and buy it from a living human. 

Use paypal, or email me at PACIFICREVERBSOCIETY@GMAIL.COM for other options. I'll also email you a link where you can read it online while you wait.

Shows, Shows, Shows

Some shows in October ....

I will have some work up in downtown Pittsburgh at Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania during the upcoming gallery crawl on 9/30 as part of a Unicorn Mountain group show. 

I won't be there though because I'll be flying out to visit friends in San Fran and attend APE  , the alternative press expo put on by the comic con folks at the concourse exhibition center. I'll have a table there with my good friend Travis Igler who should have his brand new comic which I believe is titled "Negative Party". In addition to Weird Fruit #1 I'll also have a bunch of copies of the new volume of Unicorn Mountain. 

Then Back to Pittsburgh, where I will be sharing a table with Unicorn Mountain at PIX, the Pittsburgh indy comics expo on Saturday, October 8 and Sunday October 9, 2011 from 10-5.

Weird Fruit #1 ...off to the Printers

Off to the printers!

More Humans Print

Insert print for the band More Humans new 10" "Demon Station"

Weird Fruit

So there are a couple of copies of the preview edition of my new comic Weird Fruit at Copacetic Comics in Polish Hill right now. I believe they are $3 , full color , about 15 pages or so.

super extreme close up fun time:

Unicorn Mountain : The Black Forest

The new Unicorn Mountain Vol 3. "The Black Forest" just came out and it is pretty damn good. Really enjoy the comics by Sam Gaskin, Jenifer Cooney, Gabe Felice, and Chris Cornwell (among others). I was fortunate enough to pick up one of the limited edition wood cover editions when they first came out and it is amazing! I have a comic in there as well, thats a couple of years old.

Pick it up at Copacetic Comics 
Article with some PICS

Nice City Paper article with a description of my comic.


I will have a couple of drawings up in the show going on at Roboto this Friday 7/1/11 .

The new space is at 5106 Penn Avenue. Come see if it still looks like this :

Dark Lingo and some other folks will be playing as well.

PRS Presssss

Found some old articles about my Pacific Reverb Society show at Iceberger while bored on the computer today:

Fecalface article with nice PICS
Artbusiness.com article also with some nice PICS
sfweekly interview/article 

I miss running my fake store.